Read first: Introduction to “Presenting for Success”

Extract from my book: Presenting for Success

Giving presentations, for whatever reason, is something that is increasingly required in all walks of life. You may be a:

  • senior manager presenting a business plan
  • sales person presenting your proposal to a prospective client
  • marketing person presenting at a conference or in a web seminar, usually called a webinar, webcast or web event
  • school teacher, trainer or lecturer or even a student presenting some topic to a class

The ability to present is something that will have an important financial bearing on the success of almost every business, school, government department and even us as individuals. It is therefore, a skill worth developing. Unfortunately, very few organisations devote any time or budget to helping their staff or students become proficient in this capability and lose revenue, personal income or graduation marks as a result.

I have sat through many hundreds of pretty tedious presentations and a handful of excellent ones. I have been fortunate to have worked for several businesses that have invested in presentation training. I have also been fortunate in having access to advanced technology for delivering online seminars, or webinars as they are usually called.

Whilst not everyone has the personality or confidence to stand up in front of an audience, or sit down to communicate via the internet to a remote audience; many will still be required to do so.

Anyone can give a quality, effective and professional presentation; you just need to follow the simple guidance given in this short book. If you do, you should never give a poor presentation again.

The objective of this book is not to try and teach people any form of acting skills or take people outside their comfort zones. It is to help you make your deliverances professional and more interesting to your audience to maximise the positive impact and impression you leave them with. Your reputation and confidence will rise as a result.

This book will provide you with some practical, pragmatic and simple steps you can take so that you can present the right image of yourself and your organisation.

Why are you presenting

Extract from my book: Presenting for Success

The first things to consider are why are you giving a presentation and what does your audience expect?

Whilst it is important that you give a professional and quality impression, you are of secondary importance to your audience. There is an old adage that the customer is king. Well, in a presentation scenario the audience is king!

You may have specific messages you wish to give out to your audience or you may have a specific action you wish attendees to take as a result of your presentation. However, unless you present in a way your audience will understand and be receptive to, you will fail.