Exceeding sales targets for 17 consecutive years

Companies involved in lengthy sales cycles for high value sales often incur high cost of sales. In these situations it is very important not to lose many sales, but to identify the potential for success and take the necessary steps to maximise the chances of winning.

The cost of lost sales includes the costs of the sales personnel and bid teams, the costs of building prototypes or running proof-of-concept pilots and the loss of revenues for the lifetime of each lost client.

When involved in direct sales, sales management or business management I have predominantly been involved in high value, high cost complex sales. Often these involve teams spread across many countries.

I have been fortunate to undergo a variety of sales training methodologies and put together the right blend of techniques at a very early stage in my career. By doing so I have consistently exceeded personal and business sales targets in highly competitive markets.

My clients benefit from this experience. Would you like similar success for your company?