From non-entity to key partner

This 10 person UK based software business provided fraud prevention software for customers of a US based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application. It was just one of thousands of members of the ERP software company partner network. To survive and grow it needed to raise its profile both with the ERP provider and its customers, particularly in the USA which represented 80% of its target market.

I introduced a high-profile Webinar programme of weekly educational webinars covering various aspects of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC).

I further raised the company profile by presenting at numerous software user conferences in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Singapore and built close relations with key management in the ERP company to establish my client as a key partner in this important GRC market.

This all helped the company sign up more than 200 customers, double its number of employees and become recognised as an important member of the ERP company’s partner network.