Management Overload

Management Overload

“David has brought a breadth of practical experience and knowledge to our business. It was soon clear that David would take a big load of my shoulders.”

“David and I shared the management of the business. I knew I could trust his judgement to make the right decisions and do the work thoroughly."

Many business owners / managers have, through necessity, to wear many hats and perform many roles. They have to combine the responsibilities of the Managing Director, the financial control of the Finance Director, the entrepreneurial spirit of the Sales and Marketing Director.

That is fine for a while but there comes a time when you are so overloaded you can no longer perform all or any of these functions well. You may also have grown your business to your level of competency. Either way, you need help.

You may not require full-time assistance and you may not need it on a set schedule but you still need help.

Interimco provides senior executive assistance. We are independent management practitioners who work on a flexible part-time basis. There when you need us, not when you don’t. We could be just what you need.