Sales and Account Management Skills Development

Sales Skills & Key Account Management Skills Development

“David has brought new insights to our team in how to sell high value, complex sales. Following his advice we won an order worth $18 million.

I have recommended his services to the other companies in our group.”

Despite many engineers’ beliefs that good products sell themselves,they rarely do. You operate in an increasingly competitive world but are your sales staff consistently achieving their targets and delivering the growth your business needs?

We have 20+ years of demonstrable and consistent sales success in large and small businesses.

We can deliver the whole spectrum of sales skills development from the fundamentals of selling through to managing large, complex sales through to implementing effective Key Account Management strategies.

We have particular expertise in high value, complex and lengthy sales where the cost of sale is expensive. We can help make sure you only back the winners and don’t waste money chasing sales you will lose.

We deliver practical and pragmatic advice, guidance, skills transference backed up with market-leading tools to help your sales team win more sales and make more profit from each sale.

Specific services include:

  • Selling fundamentals training
  • Deal evaluations
  • Complex sales “planning to win” workshops
  • Key Account Management training

We are an Authorised Delivery Partner for The Key Account Management Group.